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I want to be pretty. I want to be beautiful and it’s so horrible because no amount of meals I skip or cuts I make, will make me any prettier. I just want someone to actually like me.


Both Fear and pain, They Brought me here, Off over the edge It is that i peer, I’ve come to believe Its the end my dear.

A Strike across, as quick as a flash, A Stinging burning red little lash, It beads together and runs down, My wrist and my legs as together they drown.

Another night to wish and still regret, Another day to try and start to forget, Those lines of hope its just how I cope, Slow down On that slippery downward slope.

Its a spiral down without an end, Its a tunnel onward without a friend, Its time to give up walking, up or down, Its time to give up talking,smile or frown.

To hurt another is to hurt yourself, Whether you’re fatally ill or in full health, Sooner or later You will pay for what you have done, Today or tomorrow your time will come.

Life is for the living, Not the full of dread, You can’t even die, If you’re already dead.

Flossie Collins, an old poem of mine.

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